Travel to Prague – Why Do Some Restaurants Have Poor Service?

Sometimes tourists accuse that the account at restaurants in Prague is poor. They accuse that the waiters do not appearance enthusiasm, they do not appear about often, they are rude, and they are apathetic to aggregate the bill.

Of course, there are abounding restaurants with acceptable account but Prague does seems to accept a proportionally top akin of poor account waiters compared to added Western countries. There are two capital affidavit for this:

Low Tips

The Czech Republic was a antipathetic country amid 1945 and 1989. During communism angled was forbidden. The waiters did not apprehend a tip and the barter did not accord it. When communism concluded the convenance of angled was apathetic to return. Even today, although angled is accepted at about 10%-15%, there are still a lot of Czechs that do not tip. Or if they tip it is alone a amount of rounding off the bill to the next annular number. For example, for a bill of 291 CZK it is not aberrant for a chump to pay 300 CZK. Not a big tip.

Because the aide is not affirmed to accept a tip for acceptable account the account suffers. It is aswell why the account tends to be worse at restaurants for locals afresh it is for places frequented by tourist. Tourists are use to paying 15% tips, locals are not.

Until angled becomes a accepted convenance waiters will be a little alienation to appear active with a smile. When you appointment amuse try to do your allotment and pay a fair tip.

The Curse of Communism on the Account Industry

Communism has a aberrant aftereffect on the account industry. Since the workers are affirmed transaction every ages behindhand of achievement they tend to beneath perform. The acumen is, why be polite, why be speedy, why care? The paycheck does not depend on added effort. Why try to do a acceptable job?

The absorbing affair is that communism in fact gave allurement to the aide to do a poor job. The aide did not wish you to adore yourself, he did not wish you to appear aback – added plan for him. For a aide in communism the best affair he can achievement for is that you do not like the restaurant and do not appear back. A abandoned night is a abundant night – no work, aforementioned pay.

And if you appear to the restaurant the aide does not wish you to leave. Because if you leave a table will be chargeless and he will accept to serve a accomplished new accumulation of people. So he will try to abstain you and not aggregate the bill. You would be done your banquet and the aide acts like he does not see your table. To get the waiters absorption you would charge to beachcomber your accoutrements and alarm him. He would bark aback that he is active and that you charge to wait. This causes accent and acrimony on both sides. Not a affable experience. Just what the aide intends. Thanks you and amuse do not appear aback again.

Fortunately for both waiters and assemblage communism is gone. Although there are still a few debris larboard from that aphotic time, a lot of restaurants are now a affable experience. Because if cipher visits the restaurant afresh it will go under. The aide does not wish to apart his job so he tries to accomplish it a affable experience. Just do not overlook to acknowledge the aide with a nice tip.